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Hi, I'm Marsha. I'm a bit of a nerd (I love tech, start-ups, and content marketing), but I'm also into style and travel. This website is where I share things that interest and inspire me.

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I love creating great content, geeking out on tech, and all things growth marketing. I’ve been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember. That’s right — I was that kid in school who thoroughly enjoyed writing essays. Through my experience as a PR & Communications Manager, a freelancer, and in my current Marketing role at a tech startup, I’ve had hands-on experience writing a variety of internal and external communications pieces.


My work is featured on:

  • Corporate blogs, websites, and social media accounts
  • Print & online ads and advertorials
  • Product packaging for international brands
  • Press releases
  • Executive Speeches
  • Case studies and Corporate white papers
  • Internal and external company newsletters
  • Animated and corporate videos
  • E-mail blasts
  • Direct mailers

… and more


I am taking on content marketing, copywriting/editing, and social media freelance opportunities. Contact me here.

Services & Skills

Copywriting & Editing

I specialize in writing & editing copy for corporate websites, blogs, social media accounts and marketing collateral. View more  

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it – I can help your business or brand grow its following and engage your target audience.   View more  

Website Management

Don’t have time or a designated employee to manage and update content on your website? No problem – I can help! View more 

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Copywriting & EditingPro
Social MediaExpert
Website ManagementAdvanced

Marketing StrategyIntermediate
Marketing CommunicationsPro
Marketing ResearchExpert
Project ManagementIntermediate

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Blogging and Guest Blogging:


1. [Shopify Guest Post] From Browse to Buy: How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey — This is a guest post I wrote for the Shopify blog. It was shared 600+ times.

2. [MarketingProfs Guest Post] Three Types of Video That Marketers Need to Have on Their Company Website — This guest post for MarketingProfs got almost 900 shares and 4,471+ views. As a result, I was selected to create a “Take 10” video marketing tutorial that will be live on their site at the end of August and sent out in their newsletter to 600,000 mid-level B2B marketers.

3. Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House — This post landed as #2 on Google search for the topic

4. [CASE STUDY] How AppsFlyer Uses Testimonial Videos to Highlight Customer Success

5. [Tubular Insights Guest Post] 9 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content Like a Pro 

6. How to Make a Corporate Video That Doesn’t Suck

7. Event Video Marketing: How to Increase Attendance, Generate Buzz, and Keep People Engaged — This was a collaboration post with Guest of a Guest

8. Video Marketing Roundup: Top 8 Corporate Videos

9. 10 Commandments for Going on Camera for The First Time

10. The Official Guide to Testimonial Videos

11. April Fools’ for Marketers: Inspiration for Your 2016 Video Prank

As PR & Communications Manager at Mircom, I was responsible for the company’s internal and external communications channels (content marketing, PR, advertising, social media, and corporate communications). Below you’ll find a (small) sample of my work there:

1. Knickerbocker Hotel Case Study — A big part of my content marketing plan at Mircom relied on the use of case studies featuring prestigious installations, like this beautiful hotel in NYC.

2. Press Releases/News — This links to the News/PR section of Mircom’s website. I wrote all the pieces between June 2013 to February 2016.

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verb: reflect deeply on a subject 
noun: a source of inspiration

February 21 2016

If as early as 6 months ago someone looked into a crystal ball and told me that in January I would quit my job and move to Israel for an unpaid internship at a tech start-up, I probably would have[…]

April 19 2015

Meet Frank: a “handsome scrub,” and one of my new favourite brands. My love affair with Frank, a hot new Australian skincare line, began when I stumbled upon ‘him’ on Instagram. You see, one of my friends posted a selfie of[…]

May 2 2013

Svedka flavoured Swedish vodka packaging for 2013 designed by Established. I’m not a vodka fan, but might just have to try this because of the awesome packaging!

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