Marsha Druker

Hi, I'm Marsha. I'm the founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto. I'm passionate about community, tech, and entrepreneurship and am always looking to collaborate and meet like-minded people.

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About Me

I’m a marketer-turned-community builder. Currently, I’m building Fuckup Nights Toronto, a community that de-stigmatizes business failure. I also host the Create Community podcast.


Before getting into community building, I held various Marketing and PR roles in companies ranging from consumer packaged goods to tech startups. I also lived in “Startup Nation” (Tel Aviv, Israel), where I worked as a Content Marketing Manager at (acquired by Fiverr). My experience living and working abroad inspired me to start Fuckup Nights Toronto.


I believe that community building is all about being a good listener and creating value – for community members, partners and team members. I love sharing my experience as a speaker and panelist, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, community building, personal branding, and tech marketing.


In my spare time, I like to read, listen to podcasts and explore new places. Between trips, you’ll find me being a tourist in Toronto, scoping out the art scene and best places to eat.


I’m always looking to collaborate and meet like-minded people.

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May 3 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m on bus number 125 heading to the up-and-coming Florentine area of Tel Aviv. Surrounded by graffiti, grungy construction zones and some of the best hummus joints around sits, the startup where I’ll be working[…]

February 21 2016
Why I Left My Life in Canada Behind and Moved to Start-up Nation

If as early as 6 months ago someone looked into a crystal ball and told me that in January I would quit my job and move to Israel for an unpaid internship at a tech start-up, I probably would have[…]